Funtierland Vacation Rentals

Funtierland Vacation Rentals is your #1 resource for fun, affordable, family and business traveler friendly vacation rental homes and condos within walking distance to the Disneyland Resort, Anaheim Convention Center, Carlsbad, Hawaii and beyond!

Funtierland Vacation Homes

Our Funtierland Formula includes some of the closest vacation rental homes and condos to the Disneyland Resort (as close as across the street in fact!), just the right mix of Disney inspired design, and impeccable attention to detail.  

In fact, after staying at a Funtierland home many of our guests swear they'll never stay at a hotel again when visiting the Disneyland Resort area, and will instead return to a Funtierland vacation house on their next visit.  From affordable rates and last minute discounts, to fully stocked kitchens, free wifi, multiple HDTVs, free parking, pool and spa facilities, private nurseries, strollers and pack 'n plays, even beach toys and more, rest assured you've found the best Disneyland area vacation homes available!

Come on in, find your favorite Funtierland vacation home, and Stay With A Name You Trust!